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LEGO Friends Magical Funfair Roller Coaster 41685 Building Toy for Kids Who Love Theme Parks 974 Pieces

Each attraction, upgrade, and staff card are beautifully illustrated by the very talented couple artists-Mr. I especially like the Showcase cards and their “too crazy to be real” feel. In Funfair, really the only way to do anything bad to another player is to perhaps hate draft a card you know they want. I’m sure a lot of this has to do with the fact it’s a follow-up to Unfair, a game that on its own, is very well regarded. While I have not played Unfair itself, I can tell that they took what worked from that and used it to build this game.

If you weren’t a fan of the take that in Unfair, then this one is definitely worth checking out. It does replace the higher interaction from Unfair with more of a multiplayer solitaire feel, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion. With a playtime of about 30 minutes, the length of Funfair feels spot-on for what you get. I’ve had a good amount of fun with this one and most of my gripes have been fairly minor. I haven’t mentioned the super ride much, but it was an interesting design choice in the game.

Funfair is an update to the popular hobby board game Unfair. It has been tweaked to be easier to learn, easier to play and less cutthroat. In this way Funfair is a great gateway game and a great introduction to the Unfair line of game products. A venture capital business that supports and invests in early stage projects aiming to transform blockchain technology.


Another feature of Funfair is its two-sided board, which is rather unique. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Most of the reviews on Board Game Quest are from review copies of a game provided by the publisher. This doesn’t influence our opinion of the game or its rating.

Funfair is a theme park building board game for two to four players that plays very quickly but has a surprising amount of depth for such a short card-driven game. Build – Pay the cost in coins for one of the cards in your hand or in the market and put it into play doing anything the text on the card says. You can build at most five different attractions in your park and each attraction can have any number of upgrades but never two of the same upgrade.

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It has now been extended to air balloon rides, funfair rides, to things inside theme parks. Born out of our long history of building innovative multiplayer and crypto games, Funfair Games delivers unique and exciting games to Gen Y and Z players. This is the only level that has three different mini bosses. The three lined cannon is first, the shooting range game machine is second, and the hot dog is third. Finally one player will earn the Award card by completing its objective.

For a look at what you get with this theme park building board game check out our Funfair unboxing video on YouTube. In addition to what you can see in the video, I wanted to call out a few things here as well. Players earn points from completed blueprints, coins in hand, staff members, and attractions. Attractions earn points on a sliding scale based on how many icons they have. These Park cards are a mix of Attractions, Upgrades for those Attractions and park Staff. Attraction types include thrill rides, leisure rides, sideshows, theatres and food outlets.

Finally, there’s a cleanup phase where the market is wiped and six new Park cards come out. Players also need to discard down to five Park cards if they have more than that in hand. Here you just get a cardboard trough divided into four parts none of which are really good at holding cards. I can only assume this was done to keep the cost on Funfair down to make this version of the game at a more accessible price point. One aspect of Funfair, in regards to quality, that I wasn’t impressed by at all was the box insert.

Other than those two minor complaints I love everything about Funfair. What I also thought was cool is that they are using this to do research on the game, to see what people’s scores are like and to watch for any trends that they can use to improve the game in the future.

  • After resolving the city step you move on to the park step which is the meat of the game.
  • Most of the reviews on Board Game Quest are from review copies of a game provided by the publisher.
  • This has been confirmed to be a coincidence by the composer Kristofer Maddigin as thy both were inspired by Scott Joplin’s “Maple Leaf Rag”.
  • After that we’ve got a detailed review of Mountains out of Molehills and wrap up with our usual week in review.
  • I was also really impressed by the currency in this game as I mentioned earlier when talking about what you get in the box.

A random Award card is drawn and placed face up on the board. This will award one player fifteen bonus points for fitting its requirements. Award cards include requirements like having the most themes used in your park, having the most quality upgrades, etc.

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If I had to bring up any complaints with Funfair, I only have two. The first is the box insert, it’s just not a good insert for holding cards, which is odd for a game with a hundred and fifty cards, and it’s specifically disappointing when comparing it to the insert for Unfair. While I do fully understand that this was probably done to keep the game at a more accessible price point, it’s still a disappointment.

When the price hits the target price, an alert will be sent to you via browser notification. To receive alerts, please allow web browser notification permission. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. The Hot Dog may have also been inspired by Bowser the final boss in the Super Mario franchise, they both shoot out projectiles that appear when you get near them, which look strikingly similar. He was tall and of familiar figure, and the firelight was playing in the tossed curls of his short, fair hair. And yes, our values include tolerance of those who wish to make fun of religion.


I cannot see why, if this is passed in another place, similar amendments cannot be brought forward for university campuses, hotels, funfairs, festivals or football stadiums. Battersea funfair has exactly the same kind of scenic railway. Circuses are held in my constituency, as are funfairs, which are subject to the same regulations and are not exempt.

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Each of these park cards has a cost in coins printed on them, an icon representing the type of card it is, some text that you act on when the card is played and a star value. The star value represents the attraction level of your park and generates income every round. I actually played Unfair a few times back what it was released and thought it was a solid game. However, the take that mechanics weren’t a good fit for my group, combined with somewhat lengthy setup/teardown time and it eventually made its way out of my collection. But as I’m a theme park game addict, I was really interested in giving Funfair a chance.

One side of this board is designed so that all the cards face one direction and the other side of the board has half of the cards facing one way and the other half facing the opposite side. Which side you use is meant to be determined by where you place the board, in front of everyone or between the players. While he will play just about anything, Tony loves games that let him completely immerse himself in the theme. The event comprises track sessions with sprint races, cavalcades, a and trade stands. This involves a fun run and cycling events for all ages, a funfair, concerts, films and various other cultural and family oriented events. Provided that they are not turned into funfairs or amusement parks, which will not be done in this case, they do much to enhance the beauty of the countryside.

Upgrades, which are played onto attractions, include features , guest services , qualities and Themes . Guest Step — Players add up all their stars from Attractions, Upgrades and Staff cards played into their parks and take that many coins from the supply. Players also add 5 coins to their Showcase cards if they haven’t yet built them. Such coins can only be used for building their Showcase attractions and not other Park cards.

Be the first to collect a full set of emotions…but beware, the devious action cards may hamper your progress in this hilarious game. Various Park cards.The quality of the components in What is FunFair are top notch. Cleanup Phase — Discard all the Park cards from the Market and draw 6 new ones. Players discard down to their hand limit of 5 cards and move the starting player token to the next player. Tonight we’re talking about the life cycle of a board gamer, sharing the path we took through the hobby and where we are now. After that we’ve got a detailed review of Mountains out of Molehills and wrap up with our usual week in review.

The costs of, and revenue earned by, the funfair are matters for its operator, as is any contribution made to the community fund. If you appreciate our family-oriented game reviews and articles, consider a donation to help us continue. When Funfair’s predecessor, Unfair, came out in 2017 I was very excited about it. The player who most recently rode a roller coaster gets the starting player token and the game is ready to begin. For example, the Blueprint that requires you to have a thrill ride with two features gives a bonus if you also have a food outlet. These cards are all ranked easy, medium or hard and have points assigned to them based on how difficult they are to fulfil.

This is some of the best, most accessible, money that I’ve seen in a board game, which is great for people with colour blindness and other vision issues. This stuff is nice enough that I’m tempted to steal it to use it in other games. These are poker chip-like coins in $1, $5, and $25 denominations.

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The Dice Tower is dedicated to getting folks to learn about the wide world of exciting new board games. Although I’m not sure how I’d classify the mechanics of Funfair, the game play fits the theme like a glove. Players are building rides, upgrading them, improving their services, and completing objectives just like you might do for a real park. There’s a good amount of strategy in how you play the cards you are given and ways to mitigate the luck of the draw that can happen. After resolving the city step you move on to the park step which is the meat of the game. In general, players will get three of these actions though you can unlock a fourth action each round by building your Showcase ride.

Funfair is a card-driven game and the majority of what you get in this board game box are just cards. These cards are of great playing card quality and feature excellent thematic theme park artwork and even better iconography that’s easy to read from across the table. And for me, I consider this a good thing because it allows players to get their feet wet at the start and build a few things here and there. But then players are tasking with some decision-making of where to spend their hard-earned currency each round. This helps make the game fun right out of the game but stops it from staling quickly by flooding the players with income. Once all players have taken their 3rd action (or 4th if they’ve built their showcase ride), play moves on to the guest step where players earn a dollar for each star on their attractions.

In the amusement tent of a funfair, Zhou Zenong, who was pursuing Ai’ai, is distracted by the sight of a woman’s head that looks as if it’s suspended above a vase on a machine draped in black cloth. Between the theme, quick setup, light learning curve, and variable play , I see this hitting the table a lot. Hopefully there will be some expansions in the future of Funfair.

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