About the conference

The conference will provide space for exhibitions and host a “Organic Fun Day” for the public that will introduce the general public to nutritional aspects and bring organic agriculture closer to our homes.

Participants will also have the opportunity to experience Ghana’s organic sector as they visit farms, processing units and eco hubs as part of field visits and tours planned for the conference.

About WAOC

The West African Organic Conference is held biannually in one of countries in the sub region.
So far, Nigeria, Benin and Mali have hosted it. Ghana will be hosting the 5th in November 2019 around the theme: “Organic Agriculture: Life for All”.

Over the years, knowledge shared has led to improvements in the industry. It is anticipated that the 5th conference will broaden these further as players meet, network & interact, and share ideas on how organic agriculture can contribute to ‘Life for All’.


The conference aims at bringing together stakeholders operating within the organic agriculture value chains to share experiences and ideas on how to grow the industry to the point where it delivers on all its potentials:

– Food safety, health & nutition
– Sustainable food, feed and raw material production
– Promotion and development of market oportunities for different products and services
– Building trust in organic products and sevices through different kinds of cerification
– Eco-friendly business growth and development
– Climate change adaptation
– Capacity building for the delivery of top-notch expertise for the sector
– Employment generation and wealth creation

Explore and showcase the potential of organic agriculture in the transformation of national and regional economies, ecologies and livelihoods through income growth, climate change adaptation, food sovereignty and trade

Facilitate the sharing of knowledge, information, experiences and skills among all stakeholders in the organic sector

Encourage the uptake of organic alternatives through south-south collaboration, especially, in the sharing of experiences