Fill the form below if you wish to participate in the Exhibition to be held as part of the
5th West African Organic (WAOC) from November 12 – 15.

Exhibition Information

The West African Organic Conference (WAOC) is an initiative of the West African Organic
Network (WAfrONet), which has previously been hosted by countries such as Nigeria, Benin
and Mali. This year the 5th WAOC will be held in Accra, Ghana, from 12th-15th of November.

The theme for the 2019 edition is “Organic Agriculture – Life for All”. The conference is being
organised by the Ecological Organic Agriculture Platform of Ghana (EOAP – G) in cooperation
with the African Organic Network (AfrONet) and West African Organic Network (WAfrONet)
under the auspices of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA), the International Federation
of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), Market Oriented Agriculture Programme (MOAP),
Agro Eco – Louis Bolk Institute, among other partners.

An Organic Trade Exhibition will be part of the event. The aim of the exhibition is to showcase
the variety of organic products, inputs and produce as well as innovative technology that
supports the organic sector in Ghana and West Africa. It will help stimulate national, regional
and international trade in the organic sector.
It will run continuously for 4 days and will provide ample opportunities for business
networking. The Exhibition Grounds will be situated directly in front of the Conference Venue
at the University of Ghana, Legon, Economics Department Conference Facility.

To be part of the Exhibition you can book your booth by filling our online Exhibition form and make payment via Master/Visa or Mobile Money(Slydepay) or download our Exhibition form fill and send to (exhibition@waoc.bio)

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Exhibition Floor Plan

Payment details for exhibition booth:

Bank Name: Stanbic Bank
Account Name: WAOC19
GHS Account Number: 9040007336106
USD Account Number: 9040007337943
Branch: Accra Mall Branch
Exhibitors can pay online via Visa/Master card and Mobile Money (Slydepay)
Note: Booth Allocation will be confirmed once payment is received

Exhibition Payment Instructions

1. Direct Bank Payment
To all participant filling the online form and making direct payment into the WAOC bank account, you also attached a copy of payment slip and send to exhibition@waoc.bio referencing the name you filled the form with. If you have more than one person to mount your booth, please send their names exhibition@waoc.bio with your payment slip for their tags

2. Online Payment with Visa/Master Card
Participant can also pay with Visa/Master card .Still complete the online form; use the link https://www.waoc.bio/product/dinner-for-exhibitors-tue-fri/ and proceed to check out your ticket(s) and complete the payment with your visa/master card as in the case of all online payments. Always use the option shown in the picture. Your ticket will be send your email. If you have more than one person to mount your booth, please send their names exhibition@waoc.bio with your ticket number for their tags.

Exhibitor Rights & Obligations

1. Make full payment of the exhibition space at the time of registration. The fee covers booth
space, canopy, 1 table (76 x 107 cm) and 1 chair.
2. Allocated spaces should be used for exhibiting exhibitor’s own products, materials or
services as described in the application form.
3. Advertising materials (flyers, banners, etc.) may be limited to the exhibition grounds –
advertisement or promotion outside of the exhibition grounds is not allowed.
4. The practice of subleasing or subletting allotted spaces to third parties is prohibited
5. Private arrangement of switching spaces is not allowed.
6. Companies that are not exhibitors are not allowed to advertise at the exhibition grounds
7. Has the responsibility for their own properties, personnel, and that of third parties that may
visit the exhibition premises.
8. Ensure proper care of the space and floors. All waste generated should be kept in bins to be
provided by the organizers.
9. Any electrical installations outside of what has been provided should be done in consultation
with event organizers. The cost of such installation shall be borne by the exhibitor.
10. Set-up time is 1-3pm on Tuesday November 12
11. Responsible for clearing their space of all logistics by 6:30pm of the last day of the exhibition
12. All sound levels should be kept at reasonable levels
13. Comply with parking regulations of the exhibition grounds
14. Exhibitors should register at least one(1) staff member for the conference

Rights & Obligations of the Organizers

1. Provide standard space (with canopy) as specified in the exhibitor registration form, with one
table, one chair.
2. Provide waste bins and standard places of convenience.
3. Supply power (with at one socket point) for every booth for charging of phones. Usage of
other electrical gadgets such as fridge, iron, microwaves, etc. will attract an extra fee.
4. Provide security in the day – from 8am to 6 pm.
5. To provide a third party insurance cover at the event site. This does not cover equipment and
other related materials of exhibitors
6. Have the right to enter any booth at any time during the exhibition
7. Have the right to revise the time and duration of the exhibition – this will not warrant any
charge or claim from an exhibitor
8. Reserve the right not to refund monies to exhibitors due to cancellation or withdrawal from
the exhibition
9. In the event that the organizers should cancel the event as a result of their internal
challenges, a refund shall be made to exhibitors fairly after deduction the necessary